Human Resources Management

... motivation, leadership, empathy etc, but they all come down to your ability as a PM to keep your staff happy, contented and, basically, on your side. The first rule regarding this and managing human resources is to make Health and Safety a priority. Read the rest of this entry »

Get The Basics Right

The record producer is in effect a PM. Record producers could, and would if allowed, tweak and alter a recording ad infinitum. The reality is the record label will have a date set for the release of the record so – at that point, the records is as good/perfect as it can be within the time constraint. On that basis, you will know what you want to happen in the project and you know what the time constraints are for the project ... Read the rest of this entry »

Project Management Brilliance

... to show brilliance as a PM is to become a specialist in one particular field. There are some Project Managers who think they can PM a job in any field of work. Whilst it is possible to work as a PM across various aspects of commerce and industry – to really be a brilliant Project Manager you have to know and fully understand the business that you are Project Managing. Read the rest of this entry »

Using PM Software

Time was and Project Managers would spend much of their day sat at their desk planning and monitoring with their PM software. ... by using a Project Management app, capable of liaising with the desktop version of the PM software being used, you can be away from your desk far more of the time. This will improve your effectiveness by allowing you to be ... Read the rest of this entry »

Avoiding Common Mistakes

... you may well have the experience of a Project Manager mentor working with you, that you can refer to to help you to avoid making the common PM mistakes. However, if as a novice Project Manager you find yourself working on your own with minimal support – what are those common PM mistakes that you really should avoid? Read the rest of this entry »

PM In The Cloud

When it comes to PM work, the biggest advantage of doing PM in the cloud is that you can be assured that all of the project files are in one place and, significantly, that they can be easily accessed on an anywhere and any time basis, whilst you can still have control over who has access to the data stored in the cloud. The reason for this is that, if you don't already know, cloud computing means that you use internet servers to store all the data ... Read the rest of this entry »

Be An Improving Leader

Any weakness will inevitably affect your performance in one way or another; and so being constantly aware of the possibility that a weakness could result in an objective being missed or taking longer than it should to achieve must be considered. A strong leader will be prepared to accept ... Read the rest of this entry »

Lead Don’t Boss

... now to remind you of the importance of the “lead don't boss” philosophy behind all good PMs. The essence of that philosophy is really quite simple – anyone can ensure that they achieve the required objectives in a project by dominating the workforce, but by leading the workforce ... Read the rest of this entry »

The Improving Project Manager

... you don't want to be distracted from getting on with being a successful PM through collating notes on all the good and bad things that happen during a project, nor should you leave doing it until the project is nearly completed. So, like any task you instigate as the PM – make sure that you involve others in collating a dossier of all the things that it'll be important learn from during the life of the project. Also, ... Read the rest of this entry »

Good PM Habits

... you're looking at areas of work that are beyond your personal knowledge/experience. You must feel at ease with doing this as otherwise there is a risk that you will miss the beginning of problems – which can be rectified relatively easily if caught early enough. Also, failure to pay attention to detail could mean that you accept a report that ... Read the rest of this entry »