Risk Management

Risk And Issue Management

Wondering if you can cut the mustard as a Project Manager? Well, just ask yourself which of these three types most closely matches you, are you the sort to: make things happen, have things happen to them or just sit around wondering “what happened”? If you’re not in then first category - forget a life as a Project Manager as you’ll never be prepared to take risks nor, indeed, be capable of managing risks or dealing with their issues. Read the rest of this entry »

How to Bubble Wrap Your Project: Risk Management By the Numbers

Just imagine that you’ve found a stunning piece of crystal that you want to ship to your mother. You don’t just plop the thing into a box, slap a stamp on it and send it off, do you? Of course not! If you’re smart about it, you wrap it in cotton wool, then wrap THAT in bubble wrap, then fill the box with crumpled paper and carefully nestle the bubble-wrapped, cushioned delicate piece inside. Why would you treat the project that you’re building with any less care? When Ken Salchow Jr., who designs network security for a F5 Networks, defines risk management with the following simple equation ... Read the rest of this entry »

Key Elements of a Successful Project

Key ingredients of successful projects - commented Read the rest of this entry »

7 key skills of a project manager

Miriam lists & explains 7 key soft skills of a PM and gives hints on... Read the rest of this entry »

Waltzing With Risk

Best book on Riskmanagement Read the rest of this entry »