Project Methods & Models

Is Estimating Important

By setting low expectations you'll invoke a sense of mañana in the workforce that will be difficult to overcome when the pressure is later on you to get the job done ... Read the rest of this entry »

PM Themes – 6

Measuring the achievements made against the planned objectives is the method by which progress can be determined. So for this sixth in our series of Project Management Themes we're going to look at how the good Project Manager will assess the progress they are making with regards to the project objectives they are managing. Read the rest of this entry »

PM Themes – 5

Despite having planned and agreed, with the project owner, the objectives required to successfully deliver the project at its outset; it would be naive in the extreme to presume that no changes to those original plans would be either asked for or become quite apparently necessary as the project progresses. Subsequently the Project Manager has to be aware of the “Change theme” which requires him or her to first identify and then assess and control any potential changes be they ones that are requested by the project owner or ones identified by the project team(s) needing approval by the owner. Read the rest of this entry »

PM Themes – 4

Effective planning ensures that the Project Manager can effectively communicate with all the staff working on the project, which in turn will help them to effectively control the project. Subsequently the fourth theme essential to Project Management is the plan theme. For the purposes of this article we will define the plan as the means by which the final product is to be presented to the owners. Read the rest of this entry »

PM Themes – 3

Of all the themes anyone ever looks at in Project Management the theme of quality is always very important. So, for the third in our series on PM themes we are almost compelled to consider the theme of quality and the Project Manager. Read the rest of this entry »

PM Themes – 2

The second Project Management theme to consider is organization, which basically means determining and defining who is responsible and accountable for what within the project. In any project there is a customer who specifies what they expect the outcome of the project to be and will pay the budget needed to realize that outcome. To fulfill the customers expectations there are the suppliers - who have the skills and resources to deliver the desired outcome. Read the rest of this entry »

PM Themes – 1

During the life cycle of any project there are seven themes that the Project Manager must keep returning to if they are to have any chance of bringing the project to a successful conclusion. Project Management methodologies list these themes as being: Business case, Organization, Quality, Plans, Risks, Change and Progress. Read the rest of this entry »

Project Management method

What makes managing a project different to managing any task or function in a business? First of all a project is different to a regular task or function as it will invariably be a temporary occurrence. Secondly, a project’s purpose will be to deliver a specific business aspect or product that has been identified as being necessary according to a previously defined business plan - rather than being concerned with the general day-to-day business of the company concerned. Read the rest of this entry »

Measure It – Manage It

We all know the saying “if you can measure it - you can manage it”, but how can we apply that to the concept of managing the quality delivered to the customer at the end of a project? Well the initial clue to solving this problem has already been said - that the project will be assessed according to the things it delivers, rather than any of the activities and events that lead up to the completion of the project. Read the rest of this entry »

Is Quality Negotiable

Last time we introduced you to the notion of quality in Project Management. In that article we said that quality should be the norm, but also that the standard of quality you can work to will, to some extent, be determined by the budget available to you to make the job fit for purpose. Read the rest of this entry »