Motivating – Part 1


Whole books can be written about motivation and motivating people – so please do accept that this is very much an overview of the topic. However, having said that we are more than confident that here we’ll be able to give you the essential tips necessary to make sure that you, as a Project Manager, know all about what is required for and how to approach motivating your staff.

Why motivate staff.

A question to ask is just why should you need to motivate your staff if, to all intents and purpose, they’re working well and the project is progressing well. The answer to that is simply that any staff/personnel working on any job can always give that bit more or, put another way, will be working at least a little below their capacity. The way to ensure that they are all working to 100% capacity is through motivating them and that way you will also ensure that project productivity is truly maximized.

Does she look motivated or demotivated?

Does she look motivated or demotivated?

How to demotivate staff.

Just as important as knowing how to motivate staff is avoiding demotivating them. That means not being inconsistent, one day being all smiles and the next day all grumpy, asking team members advice and then completely ignoring it, expecting others to work late whilst you slip off for a round of golf – not to mention failing to give praise where and when it’s due.

Easy motivational techniques.

Conversely there are some very easy and basic motivational techniques you can apply. Motivation is concerned with the specifics of achieving a particular job and to do that you must set clear and concise objectives to be met, in order that the team(s) productivity levels are maximized. Staff are also more likely to be fully engaged in a project when they too can see the bigger picture of what is to be accomplished. So don’t unnecessarily restrict their access to the project but do involve them in decision making and value their input. Finally, for the moment, when maximizing productivity levels make sure that no one person or team is burdened with more that their fair share of work, nothing will demotivate staff quicker than them feeling they’re being overworked compared to others.


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