Staff Training and Organizational Development

Staff Training and Organizational Development

Competent Staff

If your company wants to establish itself as a cutting edge leader in the products or services that you provide, your staff team will need to represent your company with a competency and an efficiency that spells excellence and that is right up there on the level that your management team expects. In order to achieve this, you have to carefully select the people that work in your company, train them to the highest level possible and empower them to strive at a competitive level. You need quick thinkers, that are committed, enthusiastic and that have initiative. Motivated staff is one of the most universally challenging Human Resource issues.

Job Interview Limitations

Although the employment interview process is supposed to filter out deadbeats and leave you with the best person for the job, things do not always work out that way. Very often, an individual interviews extremely well but for all intents and purposes proves to be quite unprepared when it comes time to actually doing the job. This is why it is extremely important that your have an internal training program and that each and every one of your staff members be trained to do the job that you have hired them to do.

Establishing Corporate Culture

When it comes to corporate culture, the more driven and ambitious your company is, the more likely that management will strive to establish an attitude amongst staff that strongly lines up with their vision. When it comes down to it, internal training sessions are the company’s opportunity to impart established corporate values into those that work for and will represent the company. You yourself may feel inadequate or not fully equipped to spearhead such a program in your organization. All is not lost. You can contact one of the many organizational development networks that are designed to train and equip managers to fulfil this role in their respective organizations and companies.

Regular Training Seminars

Staff training should take place on a regular basis. If you are consistent with providing continual training, your employees will very soon grow to expect it and they will develop the value of wanting to reach for higher goals and to strive beyond their current position. By providing regular training opportunities you will offer your staff chances for growth and opportunities to move forward in their careers. Employees that feel empowered to grow in their careers and that are encouraged to look forward to promotion tend to be much more motivated. In contrast to those that feel that they are stuck in dead-end positions. If you are hoping for excellence among your staff, do not allow them to grow stagnant. You will very quickly find that through providing training and growth opportunities your most driven members of staff will naturally rise to the forefront.

Who to Train

Some of the training courses in your organization should be compulsory. Others should be optional and only for those that are motivated. When it comes to training on corporate culture, accepted standards and company values, all staff should be required to attend. Training sessions that involve training on corporate culture and corporate values will obviously be in-house affairs. However more specialized skills training will often need to be done by another organization. It is important that management keep their eye open for training opportunities, conferences and workshops for staff to attend outside of the company as well as internally. This will keep your company competitive. It will also help you know your competition, as they too will be participating in workshops and conferences.

Organizational Development

When it comes to organizational development, your company will ideally be in a state of constant growth. Not necessarily growth, as in the number of people that work for you, but in maturing as an organization and becoming more and more established. It is usually the COO or the operations department that determines where the company is headed in terms of organizational development. The operations department needs to be up-to-date on what is happening in your particular industry and needs to ensure that the company as a whole is on track to being competitive in all arenas affecting the success of the company.

Hiring from Within the Organization

When strategizing the growth of your company and tweaking the organization of the company, it is important to hire and to promote from within your organization whenever possible. Staff in entry level positions should be able to see others in the company moving through the ranks. They must be able to believe that they too can achieve in the same way as they are seeing others achieve. This is another reason why internal training is so important. From a management perspective, promoting from within is the most economic way for your organization to hire people. Not only will you get a return on all that you have invested in that employee up to that point, but their transition into their new position will be much smoother than introducing an outsider. This is simply because an existing employee will already know the organization, be familiar with standards and procedures and will have a better understanding of how their new job fits into the larger picture of the company.

Increasing Staff Morale

Promoting from within not only improves the morale of the person promoted but it also increases the morale of all staff that witness the promotion as well. Increased staff morale may not be considered a tangible by management but without a doubt it is of extremely high importance. It affects everything when it comes to the way in which your staff team performs for the company.


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