Top Project Dropout Reasons

I thought I’ll start to compile a list of top reasons why people working in my projects dropped out (and left me hanging with either nothing, unfinished crap or “so-called” finished crap)

1. Pregnancy

- Programmer was pregnant, didn’t tell (to plan for it) and thought she would finish the stuff before – this happened twice in 1 year to me, and while I wish only for the best for mum & kid, I feel it very irresponsible to hide that fact ( and break or unnecessarly delay the project way beyond acceptability )

2. Can-do attitiude

- well, this is an obvious reasons, but as you can imagine even the hardest and most extensive selection process: including questionaire and multiple interviews can not assure that person can deliver – be it in link building or software development

3. Shameless Availability Lies

- this just happened to me once already on RentACoder, where they even offer an Expert Guarantee where the coder has to pay in 15 or 20% of the overal project fee – and if the drops out, this money goes to charity (an I get my money back) – believe it or not, just yesterday I realized somebody committed to a bigger software development project 2 months ago just to find out he’s only spending some weekend time on it… and now 1 week past deadline he’s not even close to code complete, not to speak about his horrible source formatting style (which says A LOT about the quality)

4. Incompetence to test & fix

- when I’m running some smaller freelancer projects I specify exact requirements , which I in turn expect to be implemented and tested against. More than once I had people declaring “work complete” when basic functionality was just BREAKING … throwing ugly PHP errors etc… once I even heard “I know it’s not finished yet, but you know I put so much work into this that I believe I deserve all of the money and leave you [with my shit there]” … wtf do some freelancers think they are?!?!

5. Arrogance

- I am the best coder your company can get, you just don’t know about it. Well, this attitude tells a lot – except that basic data modelling experience, stable error message handling and clear code comments where missing – instead we got some broken code with dozens of duplicate files in the project directory – essentially needing a decision to reverse engineer or re-do the whole crap we got from a rookie-coder who thought he’s gonna rule the world because of some completed simplier scripts

6. Pussyness

- this title sounds a bit rude, but in fact describes the problem of a guy being to much of a pussy for sticking to his own code guidelines, when the senior architect in my project setup _other_ rules for the code to be accomplished. Obviously the initial guidelines where made to allow for a consistent code style, not for evangelic discussion about how anybody in the world should write code. They were practically set. I think we had a couple weeks discussion (which I should have stopped earlier as responsible PM, which WE should have charged this guy on later for wasting our time – or me actually) before he completey disillusioned about his status left the project… WTF I thought – that was the perfect sample for a “negative performer” – costing both you and your company more time than the new hire could ever bring in. Drop him earlier than later.

Hmmm … I feel I should end this post now to research my RAC arbitrations a bit more – tomorrow – as I still need to DIFN other stuff …


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