Privacy Policy

Email Privacy Disclaimer

I will not, under no circumstances make your email address available to third parties of any kind.

If you’d like to comment, the system simply uses it to send you a mail if any replies to your comment arrived. Your email address will not appear on the site – so spam bots cannot harvest your address.

If you comment, you will receive notifications about answers to your post via this e-mail.

If you subscribe to the site update newsletter, you will receive notifications about new posts in the weblog via this e-mail. You can unsubscribe from this e-mail anytime.

User Profile Privacy Disclaimer

You are responsible for all personal data you reveal in the user profile you sign up with. You can change your user data and even request a username change: if you think that is necessary.

IP Privacy Disclaimer

Your IP will be logged. This cannot be avoided by technical means and shall not be avoided to get rid of spam harvesters, scraper scripts and other fraudulent web traffic.

If you think this imposes an invasion of your privacy, do not leave a comment and do not even visit the site. You might want to try to use an anonymous proxy to hide your IP, but then I might block you anyway.

RSS Privacy Disclaimer

Currently there are no privacy issues known. Please let me know: if you think using my RSS feed imposes a privacy issue.


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