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As the Project Manager, you will know how important it is to have the best possible PM software available to help you. PM software is a fast changing environment and, with the best will in the world, keeping on top of how best to use PM software can be difficult, given that you really need to keep on top of all the other work concerning the project. So, we hope you’ll find this short guide to PM software helpful in keeping you focused on the best practice to consider when using PM software, without unduly distracting you from your important work.

PM software basics.

We’ve talked about the importance of cloud-computing and PM software in a previous article but – never forget that when using PM software you are essentially using a tool for collaboration, so whatever PM software you choose do ensure it is easily accessible and user-friendly for all your staff. Also, make sure that if necessary as the project grows the scope or functionality of the PM software can grow too. ie. You don’t have to have the most complicated/expensive PM software from the start, such as the IT department might suggest to you, but make sure what you do choose is expandable or compatible with more complex PM software that might be needed in the future. Don’t forget too that you might need to take time out of the project for software training if you do upgrade the PM software later on.

Use PM software on a tablet to improve your effectiveness

Don’t be tied to your desk.

Today there is absolutely no need to be tied to your desk by your PM software. Time was and Project Managers would spend much of their day sat at their desk planning and monitoring with their PM software. Although you will need to make sure the PM software can be accessed from desktop PCs and laptops and is fully integrated with office email systems etc – by using a Project Management app, capable of liaising with the desktop version of the software, you can be away from your desk far more of the time. This will improve your effectiveness by allowing you to be out and about, physically checking on the project and organizing things with all the data you need at your finger tips, simply by using PM software on a tablet computer.


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