Get The Basics Right


A truth in life, let alone in Project Management, is – get the basics right and the rest will fall into place very nicely. So, as the Project Manager being aware of and then constantly thinking about the following Project Management basics is one of the things that will help you to bring your project to a successful conclusion – on time and in budget. First of all and we’ve said this many times before – always be prepared to ask for advice and listen carefully to advice when it is given/offered. As a Project manager, especially an inexperienced one, it can be all to easy to ignore or refuse advice. Seeking and taking advice is not a weakness on your part, but it is a sign of maturity on your part – in that your sole concern is to ensure that the project is accomplished to the very best/highest of standards.

You’re not alone.

Linked to being prepared to take advice is remembering that, although it might seem so at times – you’re not alone. Remember that your client owns the project and as such is a key stakeholder in the success of the project and, ergo, your success as a Project Manager. Therefore, take the time to ensure that the stakeholder(s) are on your side and are abreast of developments. After all, with it ultimately being their project – they may well have some insight/experience(s) that could be useful to you.

Accept that sometimes you need to listen and learn.

Know what you want – but be sure to get what you need!

In an ideal world we would all get what we want. The reality is that sometimes we have to accept that some situations cannot be improved on. A great example here would be in a recording studio. The record producer is in effect a PM. Record producers could, and would if allowed, tweak and alter a recording ad infinitum. The reality is the record label will have a date set for the release of the record so – at that point, the records is as good/perfect as it can be within the time constraint. On that basis, you will know what you want to happen in the project and you know what the time constraints are for the project – so now make sure that your project plan will achieve those aims for you so that you do actually get what you need.