Ignore Job Applicants that Ignore Your Requirements

I’ve been increasing the number of hires for my company in the last couple months a lot. What I’ve been looking for is both - freelancers and employees. In Austria, and outside Austria (I don’t care where people sit if they can do the job well)

However, what I learnt over the past couple months is, why it’s said that bigger companies are “arrogant” when it comes to responses to job applications.

I learnt with an increased number of job postings for my company that the quality of the application ABSOLUTE relates to the quality of the person applying for the job.

My submission requirements are not easy, but easy to read.

I want

  • a CV
    * some writing samples in german *AND* english
  • and recently a filled out form where a couple of questions are to be answered (okok - it’s about 600 words to write I would estimate, but hell - people want a job)

I get

  • 10% of complete submissions
  • 90% crap

Yes, frankly NINE out of TEN persons applying for a full-time job are NOT capable to read a 2-line-requirement of things to send in.

Funny thing is, that in the beginning I started to answer them back to say “hey, please send in a a complete application, or there’s THIS missing or I’m still requiring THAT”… And one guy even wrote back “What’s still missing? I sent you all”

I must admit - I’m anoyed by so many crappy applications especially for full-time jobs located in Austria.

Frankly, today I feel this is in a direct correlation to the

  • austrian social system (you can get $2500 or MORE for doing nothing) … and I tell you - one lady once had the guts to tell me “If I would work for you, I would no make a profit - I’d rather keep unemployed… what a pest, eh?”
  • the extemely hot weather currently ( I guess many people go bananas when it’s over 35 degress celsius )
  • most people are just damn LAZY and think “maybe I would still get an interview with incomplete application, but then THEY’LL see me and hire me rightaway …” damn… hiring can get frustrating at some point…

I tell you what -

I stopped answering incomplete applications
I will stop feeling anoying after today 🙂

What’s your hiring and interview experience?