OpenPSA – an Open Source Professional Services Automation suite

OpenPSA is a nifty little application with integrating several thing you could need in a service organization or micro-corporation using the MidGard CMS framework (that’s how i actually found it…)

It’s not a full fledged Project Management solution, but could come in very handy if you are satisfied with these features that even include time reporting and some small CRM options:


  • Project organization into project and task hierarchies
  • Hours are reported to tasks, projects collect reports from their tasks
  • Weekly time sheet view of projects and tasks assigned to the user
  • Flexibility - report hours with required accuracy: hours, decimals or hours and minutes
  • Descriptive reporting - assign each hour report to a work type and optionally add a description
  • Configurable gantt chart view of all or user’s projects
  • Summary view of all projects showing prices, costs and status of each project and task
  • Configurable report generator using Midgard Style templates with full PHP support
    Approval and locking of reported hours, mileage and expenses


  • Contact information for companies and employees
  • Flexible search tool for companies, persons and campaigns
  • CSV data import (companies, persons and sales projects) capabilities
  • Campaign creation based on search criteria including business area, location and sales project status
  • Direct email to campaigns
  • CSV export of campaign contacts
  • Tracking of sales projects
  • Summary view of open TODO items in sales projects
  • Sales funnel report
  • Sales report based on month, country and sales representative

Support-Ticketing tool

  • Configurable classifications for all tickets
  • Configurable ticket list: which classifications to display, which classifications to filter by
  • Text search from the ticket database
  • SLA handling: notifications when agreed service levels are getting exceeded
  • Email integration: import incoming tickets from an IMAP mailbox. Supports connecting email conversations into ticket notes
  • Reports display response times, and spread of ticket types and other classifications


  • Daily, weekly and resource views of the calendar

  • Filtering of shown events based on organization or resource hierarchy or user’s custom-selected filters

  • Easy selection of event start and end times from calendar

  • Support for multi-day events

  • Support for repeating events: daily, weekly or monthly with selected interval and end date

  • Reservations for rooms, cars and other resources

  • Resource notes for sending catering or lecture room setup requests

  • Support for private and public events

  • Email reminders of events

  • iCalendar output of user’s events

  • Easily printable Weekly Planner view

  • all these are web-based user interface modules, no need for software installations local - but you need to be online…

  • Access levels based on organizational hierarchy and user-based settings
    Internationalization - support for multiple languages and currencies

  • available in English, Finnish and Italian translations

  • Multi-company hosting support with Sitegroup virtual databases

  • PAM> support for different authentication sources like LDAP or Active Directory

  • NTLM single sign-on with Windows networks

  • Branding support - logos and colors of the application can be changed

  • Easy integration with Midgard Content Management System

find more at the OpenPSA site… definately worth a look!