PM In The Cloud

The Project Manager that thinks Project Management is all about him or herself is doomed to failure. In truth, Project Management is all about motivation and collaboration in order to achieve the aims of the project. It would, therefore, be ridiculous for any Project Management not to make the best use of the technology available today. Modern communications have, for many years now, made the sharing of ideas and information about a project a very easy thing to do – all at the press of a button. However, setting up computer networks to make sure all the points of connection to it are sharing the latest data and ideas has been a nightmare, which is why you must now start to incorporate ‘cloud’ computing to your Project Management systems. So, how will Project Management in the cloud help you to achieve success in the project you’re responsible for?

Advantages of cloud computing.

Cloud computing to share all your Project Management data
When it comes to Project Management work, the biggest advantage of doing Project Management in the cloud is that you can be assured that all of the project files are in one place and, significantly, that they can be easily accessed on an anywhere and any time basis, whilst you can still have control over who has access to the data stored in the cloud. The reason for this is that, if you don't already know, cloud computing means that you use internet servers to store all the data and so all that data becomes accessible over the internet. OK, so you could previously have set up a VPN to do that on your ‘office' based servers, but not everyone has the time or expertise to do that, making cloud servers a really attractive alternative.

Social networking integration.

Adopting a Project Manager in the cloud approach to your Project Management also means you’ll be able to integrate social networking opportunities into your Project Management work more easily. This will be especially helpful during the planning stage which is, after all, a social process ideally suited to utilizing social networks in recording and expanding on ideas. This open approach to collaborative planning will mean that your whole planning process is entirely transparent. That might, initially, sound a frightening idea. However, it will assure that everyone knows what’s being planned, will give everyone an equal opportunity to contribute ideas and/or challenge them and give you an easy way to view, audit and summarize them.