PM Themes – 1

During the life cycle of any project> there are seven themes that the Project Manager must keep returning to if they are to have any chance of bringing the project to a successful conclusion. $1Project Management methodologies list these themes as being: Business case, Organization, Quality, Plans, Risks, Change and Progress.

The function of Project Management Themes.

The seven themes> named above serve the purpose of establishing baselines to ensure everyone knows what the final outcome should be, that if a mandatory requirement is not met by one section the whole project> is in jeopardy, any add-ons by the client will be subjected to $1prioritization, allows you to readily see things of poor/low value that can be arguably dropped and finally, to reinforce that point, that the baseline is $1non-negotiable but that add-ons aren’t.

You must keep returning to the Project Management themes with your teams.
You must keep returning to the Project Management themes with your teams.

The Business Case theme.

The business case theme> for a project is its whole raison d’être. It must establish if the project is necessary, viable and, of significant importance to the Project Manager> - achievable. Needless to say this requires the $1business model> to be constantly revisited with both the client and the project Manager’s teams throughout the life of the project, to both verify the $1achievement of landmarks> and to approve the benefits they will bring. The business case needs to describe why the project is being undertaken, the estimated costs and risks and the $1expected benefits> arising from it. The measurements applied to these factors will vary according to the nature of the project. They may be simply based on a “return on investment” basis or could be on a wholly non-financial one. Either way the business case needs to $1identify the benefits> of the project, determine $1objective measurements for it and then once the project is begun, decide who is to make those baseline measurements. Which prepares us nicely for the next theme of $1Organization - which is to be discussed later.