PM Themes – 2

The second Project Management theme to consider is organization>, which basically means determining and defining who is responsible and accountable for what within the project. In any project there is a customer who specifies what they expect the outcome of the project to be and will pay the budget> needed to realize that outcome. To fulfill the customers expectations there are the $1suppliers - who have the skills and resources to deliver the desired outcome. Then, yes you guessed it; in between them is the $1Project Manager to ensure effective communication between the parties and to give the project direction, effective management and final delivery.

Organization and the Project Manager.

Successful Project Managers> need successful teams to deliver the project. These teams require input from the end user, production teams and their suppliers; all of whom know their responsibilities and accountabilities. To keep these teams working to maximum efficiency for the good of the project the Project Manager will be continuously reviewing the progress made and communicating their views effectively to ensue that the customer is always aware of where the project is and that their views are then communicated to the workforce. Using a $1Project Management tool like PRINCE2 can be invaluable to a Project Manager, so that they can be sure that clear organizational structures are in place.

Project Management and end user executives.

Decision making must flow through the PM.
Decision making must flow through the PM.

Those organizational structures> mean clear lines of communication between the workforce and their team managers and the end user, or customer, through the Project Manager.  End users and team managers may well communicate directly with one another but, if the project is to be successful, formal reporting and decision making must flow through the PM. If the end user’s representative or board is also given executive powers a $1conflict could occur between the Project Management and that executive. To avoid this it becomes essential that the Project Management reminds the end user’s executive of the organizational structure previously agreed.