Project Management Glossary

The Wideman Comparative Glossary of Project Management Terms is a very comprehensive resource of over 6000 entries, representing some 5000 discrete terms, from over 130 sources. Wideman is very PMI>/PMBOOK near, so if you are going with PMI you are well done there.

So whenever you have the need to accurately describe or define the terms used in your company or project - take a look there first.

of can you define all these with a breeze?

Actual Cost; Bill of Materials; Budget; Change Control System; Common Cause; Contract Statement of Work; Documented Procedure; Enterprise Environmental Factors; Human Resource Planning; Influence Diagram; Initiator; Invitation for Bid; Network Open End; Organization; Organizational Process Assets; Performance Measurement Baseline; Planning Package; Practice; Preventive Action; Product Scope; Product Scope Description; Project Charter; Project Scope; Project Scope Statement; Project Summary Work Breakdown Structure; Quality; Resource Breakdown Structure; Risk Breakdown Structure; Rolling Wave Planning; Scope Creep; Template; and Work Authorization System.

Max Wideman’s Project management site is a rich resource for your PM needs, I recommend browsing and learning there a bit longer.