Project Management In 2012

With the tough economic conditions of the last few years continuing through 2012 and with evermore complex projects to manage – the need to make sure that Project Managers are even more on top of their team and stakeholder management skills will be paramount. Project Managers can help themselves here, to make sure that those things run smoothly, by fully utilizing project management tools and the new smart resource management systems that are being made available. So, just what should the Project Manager of 2012 be aware of?

Collaboration aides.

Project collaboration – the key to success in 2012.
As projects become more and more complex the need to collaborate more and more will increase. To maintain control over collaboration initiatives and opportunities engaging with collaborative software for project environments, like SharePoint, will have to become the norm rather than the exception. Essentially that means internet based access to the functions critical to the success of the project – such as resources distribution, project notifications and even project control itself. Don't forget too, as we've said elsewhere in previous articles, the days of the Project Manager being solely concerned with time, cost and progress are over and that they now need to also be concerned with the quality of the project. So, being able to also collaborate at the stakeholder's executive level, to deliver the expectations in quality, is also now required.

Good news for Project Managers.

If all that sounds like Project Managers will be finding themselves rushed off their feet in 2012, even more so than usual, there is at least one piece of good news for Project Managers as 2012 begins. That is that, despite generally rising unemployment trends at present – the recruitment opportunities for good Project Managers has never been higher. Of course, the more successful projects you have under your belt the more opportunities will present themselves to you. However, if you have got some down-time between projects, then don’t waste it but make sure your Project Management qualifications are up to date or enroll for Project Management Professional certification.