Risk And Issue Management

Wondering if you can cut the mustard as a Project Manager>? Well, just ask yourself which of these three types most closely matches you, are you the sort to: make things happen>, have things happen to them or just sit around wondering “what happened”? If you’re not in then first category - forget a life as a Project Manager as you’ll never be prepared to take risks nor, indeed, be capable of $1managing risks or dealing with their $1issues.

Project Management Risks.

With the best will in the world at some point even a smoothly running> project will not go exactly to plan. Even if it’s only a small problem> it could quickly escalate into something that could derail the whole project - and so it needs dealing with $1quickly and effectively>. This is where the Project Managers ability to $1assess a risk and deal with issues needs to come to the fore. First off don’t look around for someone else to blame for the problem - that won’t help solve it and will only serve to $1waste time and effort.

Plan for the risks and manage the issues!
Plan for the risks and manage the issues!

Risks and issues.

Within your plan>, remember that’s what we talked about last time, you should have identified the risks to your project> - so a risk is something that might happen. If/when it does happen, then it becomes an $1issue to be dealt> with. Again, within your plan you should have state the likely contingencies that will be necessary to $1deal with the risks> you identified in the plan, so if/when the issue arises you should have a plan ready and waiting to swing into action. Having said that, as the project progresses some risks may become more likely to occur, so the $1action plan> to deal with them will need updating as the $1project progresses>. So, in summary, when it comes to risks and issues: $1Identify the risks, have an action plan to deal with the issues and then constantly monitor and $1manage them.