Small Scale Project Management

Some Project Management literature can make the task of being a Project Manager seem incredibly difficult and complex. The truth is, of course, that on big projects, big in terms of size, cost or both – Project Management is complex. However, on small scale projects are there some aspects of Project Management that you really need to pay attention to more than others.

Project Management – tools to help not hinder!

The first thing to remember on a small scale project is that Project Management tools are there to help you not hinder you in seeing the project through to fulfillment. On a small scale project the Project Management will invariably have at least a dual role. ie. They won’t just be the Project Management but will also be an integral member of the team(s) delivering the project. So, if you find yourself spending undue amounts of time working with Project Management tools – perhaps you should reconsider if you couldn’t be spending your time more wisely. Although, of course, you need to have a carefully prepared plan to work from – being able to tick off aspects of the plan as they are completed is an important motivator for the team(s) – so sometimes you’ll need to put aside your Project Management duties and roll up your sleeves and get involved in the project task(s). Essentially, as a small scale Project Manager all you need to do is – Plan, Work, Review, Progress!

Getting things done.

Everyone loves it when things get done.
So, as a small scale Project Manager you need to focus on getting things done. That's not to say rush things or accept work that's below standard – but some PMs can spend an eternity discussing what needs to be done when, who needs to do it, what then follows on … etc. You're not in charge of a project to build an airport or nuclear power station – you've got a plan of what needs doing, now see to it that things get done. Being a small scale project you'll most likely have a small team working with you that should, if you've selected them properly, be able and wiling to turn their hands to more than one task - this again will help you to get things done.