What do YOU need?

I am currently in the process of relaunching this website on a new content management system called “Drupal”…

I already migrated my marketing weblog last week and currently wonder about what aspects, features and goodies you are looking for in addition to the existing ones.

Do you want to have a better way to communicate and discuss ?

  • add your own user profile maybe including a picture to the discussion ?
  • send private messages to me or other users - asking questions or discussion in private?

Are you interested in contributing?

  • do you want to run a joint-venture blog with me? I could setup a project-specific blog for you and/or your colleagues to report about your current project issues… something I thought off as a project webblog three years ago ( man, this sounds so natural, obvious today 🙂

  • do you want to contibute with a guest article? you could post your bio with the article and/or in your forum and attract possible clients and or hirers

Do you have a specific wish to me for topics to cover ?

Please let me know, if possible TODAY !