Working With Subcontractors To Get The Job Done

When working on a wide variety of projects, it is impossible to always have the exact expertise that you need in house in order to get the job done. If looking for outside help on a temporary basis, a subcontractor may be the best way to go. A skilled subcontractor will allow your regular staff to concentrate on projects that they are proficient in, and that can often be the best way to keep your staff on track and working at their optimal speed.

By using subcontractors, usually freelancers, you can allow your team to focus on the things that they do best. This will reduce the stress associated with working on a project that they are unsure of or that they lack the skills or knowledge to complete. Let’s face it, there are bound to be projects that need a bit of outside expertise, and this is especially true with smaller companies. It is not financially feasible to keep a large staff on hand, by using skilled subcontractors, you can make your firm appear much more capable to potential clients.

When using subcontractors, it is a good idea to have a contract that outlines the exact details of the job that the subcontractor is being hired to do. The contract should contain the amount of compensation that the subcontractor is going to receive as well as a non-disclosure statement. When you bring an outsider into your teams environment, you want everyone to feel that you are looking out for their best interests.

Many small companies find subcontractors to be a great resource, including my own one-man show.

Subcontractors tend to be much cheaper than traditional, long term employees and can often be of a great benefit to a company even if only for a very short period of time. You can pick subcontractors based on their knowledge and opt for different subcontractors as the need arises.

However hiring subcontractors is nothing different to hiring normal personell… it’s the “human factor” that should work out in the end… the best subcontractor can be a one-time hire if you find that your personal communication is not effective enough. This especially when hiring offshore subcontractors from overseas…

and for my own company I recently started making my own experiences with off-shore workers just these days… 🙂